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Let The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P.A. Write Your Will

Posted on: January 7th, 2013 by JulianC

Did you know that if you have not already designated your assets (home, cars, assets, etc.) to specific beneficiaries before you pass on, through proper estate planning, the State of Florida already has a pre-determined system to divide assets among your family members? The only way to ensure that your assets will be transferred to your designated beneficiaries (family members, charities, religious organizations or any other legal person of your choice) is to make sure you have a will or alternative estate plan before passing on.


A will is a legal document that meets the requirements of State law to speak on your behalf when you are no longer living. Your will has legal force to make sure your wishes are fulfilled. Attorney Robert Abraham is fully versed in Florida will, trust and probate law.


Understanding how Florida inheritance law works will enable you to know what happens to your assets once you pass on.  If a Florida resident does not have a will, the State of Florida has a pre-planned distribution of assets for the remaining family. If the decedent (the person who dies) does not have any surviving heirs, the State of Florida will take all of his or her individually owned assets.


Florida statutes control the distribution of assets to heirs of a decedent who does not have a will or alternative estate plan. If there is a surviving spouse, the spouse is entitled to all assets that would be subject to probate, unless the decedent has lineal descendants who are not also lineal descendants of the surviving spouse or the surviving spouse has lineal descendants who are not also lineal descendants of the decedent, in which case there would be a different outcome.  For example, the children of the decedent are entitled to half the estate if the decedent has children who are not also children of the surviving spouse or if the surviving spouse has children who are not also children of the decedent. For decedents who are not married, but have living descendants, assets are divided proportionately among the descendants. For decedents who are not married and have no living descendants, assets are passed to the decedent’s parents, if living, or if not living, to the decedent’s brother(s) and/or sister(s).


A will or alternative estate plan provides citizens of Florida complete control over how their assets will be disbursed after their passing. When crafting a will you should have the guidance of a wills, trusts and probate attorney such as Robert Abraham. Attorney Abraham prides himself on guiding his clients through every step of the estate planning process, answering any questions you may have and explaining all legal terms.


A will enables you to appoint a person legally referred to as a “personal representative” (sometimes referred to as an executor) to administer the estate and see that your wishes, as documented in your will, are carried out. A personal representative has many responsibilities which include taking an inventory of the deceased’s assets, notifying and dealing with creditors to settle estate related debts, seeing to the filing of tax returns and payment of any taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Since a personal representative is entrusted with many complex legal and financial responsibilities, an estate attorney such as attorney Robert Abraham is customarily engaged to assist whomever is appointed to this role.



If you are interested in protecting your assets and legal interests before you pass on, The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P.A. can help you will thorough estate planning services. He will help guide you to create the perfect will to uphold your wishes and will ensure your personal representative follows every single requirement accurately and on-time through the entire probate process.


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Announcing The Launch of The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P. A.’s New Website

Posted on: December 6th, 2012 by JulianC

Axiom Internet Marketing has the pleasure of announcing the launch of its newest client’s website, The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P. A., With over 40 years of practicing civil law in the State of Florida, attorney Robert Abraham is Axiom Internet Marketing Service’s inaugural legal client. Learn all about how he  can give you personalized professional and efficient legal services.


Attorney Robert Abraham has more than four decades of experience in the practice of law that positions him to provide each client informed and effective legal services. After earning a B.A. degree from the Pennsylvania State University and attaining the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army, he enrolled in Yale Law School. After graduating from Yale Law School in 1965, he embarked upon his legal career. After working at law firms for approximately 20 years, being a partner for the majority of this time, he spent more than two years serving as CEO and General Counsel for a bank holding company with numerous offices in East Central Florida. After negotiating a merger of the bank holding company with a larger financial institution, he decided to start his own law practice and has been practicing on his own ever since.



Through his legal tenure, attorney Robert Abraham has honed his transactional expertise while providing legal services with an approachable perspective for each client. His practice areas, which include corporate and business law, real estate law, and wills, trusts and probate, have evolved from his combined business and legal experience. His work in banking has enhanced his abilities in the areas of business transactions, loan transactions, real estate law, and corporate law.


Attorney Abraham can assist  with virtually any type of transaction. Whether you are starting a business, looking to maintain legal compliance or selling a business, he can help with every step. If you are selling or buying a house or a business, he can help you protect your rights and fulfill your obligations. If you need help with estate planning for yourself or elderly parents or relatives, or need to plan for protection of a minor or disabled child, he can help you objectively plan for current and future circumstances.


The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P. A. is committed to providing approachable and business friendly client service while handling your legal matter. Robert Abraham serves his clients with humility and is genuinely concerned about providing services in a timely matter. As he puts it, “I give personal attention to everything I do.”


The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P.A. through attorney Robert Abraham and his support staff are committed to giving your matter the utmost attention. He listens carefully, dispenses useful advice, remains accessible and keeps his clients informed. He is committed to client satisfaction.


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Welcome to our New Site

Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by JulianC

The Law Offices of Robert Abraham, P.A.

Axiom Internet Marketing’s has just finished building LegalDaytona.  This is the website for The Law Office of Robert Abraham, P. A. We have already built his website from the ground up and continually update it for him. With over 4 decades of practicing law in the State of Florida, our inaugural legal client has retained our services because of our established Internet marketing practices already demonstrated through our health care marketing services. Attorney Robert Abraham has practiced civil law in East Central Florida and the Daytona Beach area for his entire career. He has focused specifically on Real Estate Law, Corporate & Business Law and Wills, Trusts and Probate. His practice has helped countless personal and business clients form companies and individuals buy and sell land and deal with personal and family issues in the courts of Florida.


Axiom Internet Marketing can help build and take your online presence to the next level and increase your company’s bottom line and size. Whether you need website design, your website to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you desire regular blog posts or any of our other online business optimization services, Axiom Internet Marketing can help you take your business to the next level!


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